5 Best Utility Tools for Android Phones (2018 – 2019)

Looking for best utility tools for Android? Android is said to be the best operating system for mobile phones because of its flexibility. Users have the capability to do tweaks and magic to personalize their Android device. It provides its users with numerous tools and apps that are useful and necessary.

Best Utility Tools for Android

A Smartphone is people’s newest best friend. No matter where we go and no matter what we do, it is always with us. From morning alarms to long goodnight messages, all can be done by smartphones. Plus the use of media players to watch movies is also supported by this small device.

But if you rely on the phone itself, it can’t do everything for you. Android is only a program that enables the hardware to function for human needs. With that being said, using your Android phone to its full extent needs the help of tools and apps from other developers. So here, we list down 5 best utility tools for Android that you can easily get for free.

Best Utility Tools for Android

Make your Android experience better and full of fun with these utility tools.

#1. AppLockapplock

AppLock has the capability to ensure your privacy by keeping your phone away from snooping. With this app, you can create a password for your messages, contacts, media files, settings, social media, any app you choose.

So, you do not have to worry about your secrets being revealed by someone who borrowed your phone. Your security is Applock’s responsibility and guarantee.

#2. Google Translategoogle translate

Google translate is one of the best utility tools for Android phones. It can translate words and phrases between 103 languages, and 59 languages when you have no internet connection. You can use your camera on capturing longer texts and Google Translate will do its job to change it into a different language.

This app is perfect when you are on business travel, out of the country, and for non-English speakers.

#3. SHAREit – Transfer and ShareSHAREIT.

When it comes to sharing and transferring files, SHAREit is recommended. It has an easy-to-use interface which allows the users to easily send and receive files. This file-sharing app can transfer files at the lightning speed regardless of the file size.

It is free and can run on cross platforms including iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

#4. AVG Antivirus


Cleaning our device system from time to time is necessary especially when we are fond of downloading files and apps from third-party sites. AVG provides you with the help to protect your Android from viruses and malware. It can scan games, apps you have installed and installing and websites you are visiting.

AVG has an Anti-theft feature which can locate your phone, lock the screen, and sound a siren when someone stole it.

#5. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

This tool is one of the best tools for Android that dominated the world of voice command. Google Assistant can do numerous commands allowing the users to get information, call and text someone, set an alarm and many more by just speaking right into the phone. You do not need to type and scroll everything because Google Assistant will do these for you.

Latest Android phones have pre-loaded Google Assistant once you purchase a new one. You cannot see it on Google Play Store, instead, you just have to enable it.

In Conclusion

These are the 5 best utility tools for Android that we found very useful in your daily smartphone usage. Not only can they make your life easier, but they also provided you with some good features to protect your privacy and your smartphone.

All of the tools listed above are free to download from Google Play Store. They are lightweight so they will not consume so much of your phone’s storage and RAM.

If you know any other utility app that we haven’t included here, please do let us know in the comment section below. You can also leave us question if you have one. We’ll try our best to help you.

How To Reset Login Password Of JioFi 2/3 Router


This tutorial will teach you how you can change or reset your jiofi router login password if you have forgotten it. Since the login ID of every JioFi router is the same, anyone who is connected to your JioFi router can make any kind of change related to the settings of your router.

JioFi is Awesome

Hence, to protect your router, you can change the login password of your JioFi router to make it much more secure than before. To do this, follow the steps listed below.

Follow the Steps Mentioned Below

Step 1- Go to ‘https://192.168.l.l’ or ‘http://jiofi.local.html‘ this IP address using a web browser and click on the ‘Login Button’ and login using the default password as ‘administrator’ or ‘admin’ and click on the ‘login’ option. 192.168.l.l is basically admin login page of most of the routers in the world.

Step 2- Then, go to User Management >> Account Management, from the web page which pops up after you log in.

fStep 3- Here, you can modify the login username and password for your JioFi router. It will ask you to enter the new password and re-enter it to confirm the changed password.

Step 4- Click on ‘Save’ option to save the changes. Next time someone tries to log into your JioFi router, he/she has to use the new password. The default password will no longer work for that particular JioFi router.

How to recover the password of your JioFi

If you have forgotten the password which you had set up for your JioFi router, then you can recover it by using the steps listed below.

Follow steps 1 to 4 from the ‘How to change password’ section to login to your JioFi router and reach the desired location.

Step 5- Here, besides the password field, you will find a checkbox which will have a title ‘Hidden.’ Check this checkbox, and the password field will display the password of your JioFi router.

You can note down the password of your router and enter it in your desired devices to use your Jiofi router.

Using the methods listed above, you can recover/reset the password of your JioFi router easily. If you have any queries regarding the methods or the steps mentioned above, then please let us know in the comments section below.

Antivirus for Android Devices 2018

Free Antivirus for Android Devices 2018
Avast – This antivirus has been approved by AntiVirus Organization.

Easy to Install and Use
Avast is a FREE antivirus software which scans your devices online and also informs you how to resolve the issues.

New Edition has very attractive user interface so that now you can use it very easily.

It is designed to keep your devices safe and secure with just a click.

Play game without any disturbance – its keep all windows and antivirus notification on hold if you are playing a game :), now enjoy and play your games. Also, its keep eyes on other application’s activity so that if something went wrong, its stopped it next moment.

It has qualities:

-Intelligent Antivirus;

-Cyber Capture

-WiFi Inspector

-Smart Scan

So, now you can have it in a very easy way, just download and install it.

6 Best MX Player Alternatives | Apps Like MX Player For Android And iPhone

MX Player is an amazing media player. Many people use it to watch movies while traveling or to spend their leisure time. It has numerous features which help its users in watching videos smoothly. This is the reason why people choose MX Player to watch videos on their smartphones or PCs/laptops. But, there are several other media players with their own set of unique features. But, they have not attained as much limelight as MX Player has! Hence, here we are going to shed some light on other media players which people can use to watch videos on their smartphones or PCs/laptops. So let’s see these alternatives and know what they have to provide!

Note: Download MX Player for android from MX Player Official Website.

Best MX Player Alternatives

List of all the possible alternatives of MX Player.

#1 VLC Player: After MX Player, VLC Player is the most widely known media player. VLC Player is available for both Android and iOS users as well as for Windows. It can run videos from almost any format.

VLC Player supports picture-in-picture mode, which is not available in MX Player. Using this feature, you can resize your video into a small floating window and watch your video as well use other apps on your device.

Download it

#2 BS Player: A fascinating feature of this media player is that you can use gestures to control the playback. Even BS Player supports picture-in-picture mode whose function is same as the picture-in-picture mode of VLC Player.

All the features of this media player are free to use. However, some ads might pop-up while using it. There are numerous settings options which you can use to enhance your experience while watching videos on BS Player.

Download it

#3 KMPlayer: This media player is widely known for its attractive user interface. KMPlayer has the capability to replace MX Player since it has many astounding features.

KMPlayer supports the picture-in-picture mode which is much needed in media players but, lacks in MX Player. KMPlayer is available to use for free. But, it comes with ads which are not as annoying as the ads on other media players.

Download it

#4 MoboPlayer: The user interface of this media player is not as attractive as other media player in the default mode but, it can be customized to look much better than default settings. However, it is much more stable and reliable than the others. MoboPlayer supports ‘floating windows’ feature which is similar to the ‘picture-in-picture’ mode.

Download it

#5 Kodi: The craziest feature of this Kodi is that you can add bookmarks to the video which you are watching. Using this feature, you can mark important scenes or your favorite scenes.

Kodi is a powerful media player and is available for almost all the platforms. In Kodi, you can add the locations where you have saved your videos in, to the Kodi movies library. Once you are done, files that you add to your Android smartphone will automatically show up in Kodi.

Kodi is compatible with a huge number of video formats. This means that it can run almost any video which you wish. You can also tweak the settings and change the zoom, pixel ratio, etc.

Download it

#6 Archos Video Player: Not many people know about this media player. But, it can replace MX Player due to its capabilities. The most important thing is that it is easy to adapt to the settings and use the controls.

This video player comes with a ‘Window’ mode, which is same as the ‘picture-in-picture’ mode. Some part of this media player is free to use while the other part can be unlocked by buying the premium version.

Download it

These were some of the best alternatives for MX Player. You can check out the features of each media player and decide which one suits your purpose the best. If we have missed out on your favorite media player except for MX Player, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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